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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> take a good look. in the live picture you can see cal-trans switched on all the lights on the new eastern span of the bay bridge tonight. pretty soon this is what that bridge is going to look like 2
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24-7. picture we will get used to. good evening. feds giving the green lot now for the new bay bridge fix which may, may allow it to open on time over the labor day weekend. here's 7 news reporter wayne. >> for years it has been so close we can reach out and touch it. yet so far away from any of us driving on it. when the bay bridge defective bolt through labor day opening into limbo this massive structure began to look more like a figurative question mark. at least until today. >> part is when do you something like this and do it on short notice you need to make sure you can pull it off. >> from randy of the toll bridge program oversight committee more than a ray of hope essentially the announcement of future announcement after public meeting on thursday. >> i think most important thing is that it is earlier than december tenth. >> but not necessarily labor day as originally planned. at the root of this letter from
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federal highway administration saying shim. temporary fix for the defective bolt will render the new bay bridge safer than the old bay bridge so why not just open it to cars. >> temporary shim are in probably good indication of when the bridge will open. >> indication it's prepared to be open. remember, opening the bridge business more than the shim. >>reporter: which still sounds fairly complicateed to future bridge customers whose confidence fleeting of late. >> i do want to be on the new bridge if safer than the old one. >>reporter: which bridge would you rather be on in an earthquake? >> san mateo. >>reporter: meantime every other part of this project continues on the schedule that would have worked for a labor day opening. tonight open the bridge they test all the light lights. they turn them on for the first time should be quite a sight n.oakland, wayne abc 7 news. >> organization that revoked the accreditation for city college of san francisco is
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getting a taste of its own immediate. department of education says the commission of junior and community colleges is it self out of compliance with federal rules. among the problems the government says the group has conflict of interest. group leader is married to man who serves on the team that evaluated city college. department of education says changes need to be made or the acc j.c. could be terminated. city college in san francisco had its accreditation revoked last july. college spokesperson says it's not clear yet what impact in any thil with ill have on the school future. >> hay word worker was struck by a van today as he protested outside city hall over stalled contract negotiations. the worker was interthe entrance to the city parking garage when hit by the vehicle. suffered minor injuries and police say the driver was there to get a building permit. it happened hours after hundreds of hayward city workers started a 3 day strike. >> we are at the bottom. scraping. so time for to us
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make a stand and this is the only way to stand. by strikin striking. >>reporter: union is fighting cuts to health care an retirement benefits. negotiations have been going on since february. city officials say the strike has not impacted city services. >> seen minimal if any impact to operation. able to keep our city facilities open and operating and providing servic services to our communities. >> this work stoppage involves hayward maintenance workers library assist tans tant and administrative staff. strike continues until thursday. >> bay area may significance believes that he was the victim of hate crime and calling for tough prosecution of his attac attacker. carolyn has the video and an interview you see only on abc 7 news. >> champ percent says niece misery. his body and soul are bruised. >> nerve are shot. i shake. i still i can't sleep. >> last month the 73-year-old
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singer founding member of the legendary 60's band chairman ber brothers was doing what he does best. of performing at the hayward blues festival and watch what happens. this tv video show the woman identified as 43-year-old potter crashing the concert and jumping on the stage just after chambers had dedicate add song to the family of florida teenager cray von martin. >> started calling me mf. different slur and screaming at me you started this. you started this. you mf. and she hid me. >>reporter: why do you think she did that. >> hate. she had hate. in her face. like a demon. oh, god it was ugly. >>reporter: andrew potter cited for miss demeanor battery and released. chambers wants
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her charged with a hate crime but late this afternoon the district attorney decided instead on felony elder abuse and felony assault. >> great big lump over here in my left rib came. shoulder, under my shoulder. >>reporter: injury put a halt to come back of sorts. musician made famous for playing the cow bell and singing classic hit time has come today is releasing the first album in years. but says performing is now painful. he's hired civil rights attorney to press his case. >> i do suggest that they see this the way it really is. honestly it is a hate crime. no other reason for it. >>reporter: according to the hayward police department a warrant will be issued tomorrow for the arrest of dina lynn andrews potter. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> worker driving piece of
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heavy construction equipment backed over and killed a with him on a college campus in the south bay today. accident happened just before 11:00 o'clock or just after i should say 11:00 o'clock this morning at san jose city college. sky 7 hd overhead. front loader ran over the victim. pest of equipment you are looking at. unknown whether woman was a student classes were not in session today. the college is still on summer break. campus construction project is replacing underground water valve. company says the driver has 35 years of experience but terrible tragedy today. >> another tragedy. oakland police confirm today they found the body of missing oakland investigators we have been following this story so closel closely. the search for sandra coke ended last friday in solana county but her body was not identified until today. as mark matthews explains there are still a lot of unanswered questions. >> oakland police say very also about the investigation. >> coroner office has identified the woman as sandra
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coke. at this tile the oakland police department will not be releasing any additional information other than the identification. >> coke left her oakland home sunday evening august 4th. she told her 15-year-old cause she was going to the drugstore then to talk with someone who had called about information on their missing dog. when she did not return that night family and neighbors put up missing poster. daughter reportedly used a find my phone application on the internet to look for her mother cell phone. it was cell phone signals that led search teams to this area near lagoon valley park in vacaville. they found coke body friday near an interstate 80 on ramp. police are questioning former boyfriend who dated coke years ago. randy has a long criminal history including arrest for rape kidnap and murder conviction. oakland police are being careful however not to call him a suspect. >> randy is considered a person of interest only. >> coke neighborhood patricia a
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williams carried flowers to coke front door. too choked up to say more than a few word. >> wonderful neighbor. nice and friendly. and seemed to care a lot for her daughter. >> otighbors feel very much the same tonight. >> beautiful person. really beautiful person. >>reporter: police say they understand there are lots of questions about the mp and his history with coke. and who was it that called the coke home with information about the missing dog. and was that the latter person to see her alive. this is 7 news. >> family released statement today that says in part the coke family is devastated by the loss of our boulevard sandra. all of us will miss sandra beautiful giving spirit. >> emotional testimony today in sacramento from 1 time child actor who recently reveld that she was the victim of sexual abuse. allison appeared before
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the assembly public safety committee today to publicly speak about the abuse that she suffered as a child. played olson in the 1970's television series little house on the prairie. trying to get lawmaker to pass a bill to raise maximum penalty of most egregious child pornography offender. she doesn't want child victims to go through what she endured. >> they live with that not only suffer being sexually abused as a child but they have to spen the rest of their life knowing that it's going on again and again and again as people trade these images and watch them over and over. >> this proposed bill would increase prison time and fains for anyone caught with more than 600 images of chilled pornography. >> in the mean time some other major hollywood stars are putting some mainly pressure on state lawmakers tonight. pushing for more restriingts on the tabloid media annette has the story from sacramento. >> proposal to put more
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restriction on the paparrazi is gaining momentum at the state capitol. actress halle berry pregnant with second child is back this time she brought along celebrity mom jennifer garner both putting star power behind the measure to curtail photographer aggressive behavior towards their childre children. >> i don't want a gapping of shouting, arguing law breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day every day to continue traumatizing my kids. paparrazi would say things to her like how do you feel now you mate see your father again how do you feel about that. inappropriate to say this to a child. >>reporter: state senator bill would increase fines to continue,000 dollars and allow civil lawsuits in case where is children are harassed because of the parents occupation. but several media outlet oppose the bill. while they continue approve of the paparrazi behavior they say this measure is too broad and hinder journalist. >> vague language of this bill
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does not only aplay to the paparrazi it could easily apply to legitimate news gathering and member of the public. pretty much anybody with a phone camera phone or recording did he advice. >>reporter: california newspaper association points out the legislature has passed at least 4 law in recent years to crack down on the paparrazi and none has work. still the famous parents want lawmakers to step in. >> prison paid for picture of celebrity children is now absurdly high. they have a bounty on their heads every da day. >> what this bill would do would give us our ritz back so that we can protect our children. >> in a rare show of bipartisan support assembly committee unanimously passed restriction restrictions. only couple more approval before the bill heads to the governor desk n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> more to bring you here tonight. designer drug that may have been destined for the outside land music festival. biggest bust in san francisco history. >> plus.
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>> cell phone company diagnose enough to stop the theft of smart phones? i'm michael on 7 on your side. suspected crack in the system exposed by one consumer advocate. >> and spencer is here with the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center. high pressure well in the 90's in many locations today. i'll show you how warm it is where you are tomorrow. in my accu-weather forecast. >> spencer thanks. >> new legal action against chevron tonight over the richmond refinery fear. find out why thousands have signed on to this new law suited. on to[ male announcer ]ed. what is performance?
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>> it was the biggest seizure of club drug in the history of the san francisco police department. officials found huge i mean huge quantity of ecstacy which is abc 7 news reporter vick lae explained may have been destined for last weekend outside lands music festival. >> that narcotics on the table over here have street value in excess of 1.5 million dollars. this is what officers confiscated. ecstacy. also called molly or mdna. 23 kilo of powder. 30,000 pills. 3 30,000 dollars in cash. it happened sunday morning on the last day of the outside lands
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music festival in golden gate park. tenant of an apartment on mission and 29 street called police at about 9:00 a.m. saying someone tried to break into the building. responding officers saw broken window and blood trail. they followed it to another apartment where benjamin lives. >> answered the door to the apartment and his hand was bleeding and blood on the clothes. >>reporter: they went inside to see if someone else was hurt. that's when they saw steven terrell. places found something else. >> in the apartment officers observed duffel bag with suspected narcotic in plain view and froze the apartment. >> sometimes we get lucky and in this instance we were lick. >> investigators believe the ecstacy may have been headed to the music festival. which drew almost 200,000 people. as it turn out most of the arrest there were only for alcohol. >> we made a couple arrest. not many. outside lands for
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positive test of what's called dangerous drugs so it certainly fortunate that none of this made it out there. >> police later found that terrell was out on half million dollar bail for drug trafficking charges out of illinois. this is 7 news. >>. >> another lawsuit filed against chevron over the richmond fire last year. more than 5000 people signed on to the it. latest lawsuit blames chevron so-called reckless conduct for the fire that sent clouds of black smoke into the air. federal investigators have concluded that chevron ignored the warnings of its own inspectors to replace the aging pipeline in the plant. chevron had no comment today but has paid out 12 million dollars in fines claims and reimbursement so far and vowed to fight a similar suit filed by the same houston law firm earlier this year. >> move on to the forecast. summer has returned. spencer is here. >> heating up to real
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summertime level. we don't see extreme coming our waivlt we have upper 90's today. that's warm. look at live doppler 7hd you can see we have clear skies tonight. just kim also patches of low clouds offshore. clear sky all around the bay along the coast and inland and how high were some of today high. well livermore got to 97 degrees 95 fairfield. 94 antioch. mid upper 90's way up north clear lake to clover dale. 93 at morgan hill. 87 at redwood city and 70 in san francisco. warm day. right now golden gate bridge. clear sky at the gate. current temperature readings 62 in oakland mount view and 66 sap jose. 66, 68 at los gatos. another live view looking at the south side of the bay bridge from our south beach camera. there you go. other temperature readings rate now 65 in santa rosa. 66 inspect a.73 in fair field. 76 at concord. 73 in livermore and one more live view of beautiful view of san francisco looking
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down from sutro tower and these are our forecast feature. we see maybe a few patchy coastal clouds tonight. low cloud. that's about it. another warm day tomorrow and a little bit cooler towards the end of the week then we get another warm-up. this is fairly sustained warm pattern we have receipt now. water vapor satellite im am shows 2 competing contrasting air mas masses both influencing our weather to some degree. cool air to our north west. hot air to the south east. hot air winning out as of now but cool air help bring temperatures down a little bit on friday. maybe in saturday then we bounce back up on sunday monday tuesday. overnight tonight mainly mostly clear sky. few patches possibly of low clouds. low pressure mainly in the mid upper 50's and then tomorrow morning start the forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock. see there won't be much at all in the way of clouds and few little patches there and whatever we have in the morning disappear quickly giving way to
9:21 pm
sunny sky. high pressure ranging from mid 60's on the coast to mid 90's inland. more specific go down to the south bay where it's soychbility high rappinging from about 86 at san jose. 92 morgan hill. peninsula 84 at redwood city and mountain on the coast. 64 pacifica. 67 half machine bay. downtown san francisco hay of 72 tomorrow. 66 in the sun set district up in the north bay. bodega bay 62 degrees mild along the coast north bay as well. 94 mostly clear leak. 80 at calistoga. east bay high about 80 at oak land. 81 at 43 mont and castro valley. high of 92 at walnut creek pittsburgh and fairfield. 94 at antioch and livermore and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. high pressure will taper off few degrees weaned saturday high inland only in the upper 80's but bounce back to mid 90's inland on sunday monday. low 80's around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. just going to be beautiful, warm, pleasant summer weather. >> swim suit weather. >> there you go.
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>> thank you very much. coming up here. television condition assumer report says is the best it has ever seen. we have this story and the last laugh for redwood city pl pwu grand prix. why the very popular amusement center is closing down
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>>. >> check this out. samsung has ship the first o led tv. organic like emitting die owed. 55 inch curve television promises great picture quality. in fact consumer report calls it quote arguably the best all around tv we have ever tested. >> says for 9,000 dollars.
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>> final chapter in the history of malibu grand prix in redwood city about to end. jonathan found out there is still plenty of fun to be had there but not for long. >> honor ought hot afternoon kids are in bumper boat. sweating out in the batting cage in air conditioning refuge of the arcade. this is summer as it used to be. some games are different. but the spirit of the malibu grand prix redwood city is the same for 35 years. >> this is probably the only place where it is truly family. you can get kindergartner up to high schooler happy and entertained. >> at the center of it all the race track. 3 quarter squail model indy car top speed of 40 miles an hour. they are now almost im positive be to find. >> we shut the doors this sunday. >> rising cost and rising rent has made it impossible to stay open. word got out long time
9:27 pm
guest flocked back for one last trip around the track. >> getting around the track in less than a minute take quite a bit of practice but only few day left before it closes for good. what do i have to lose. >> should i put this down. >> not the smoothest ride but the little car can go. the grand prix meant them on site and it's expensive. also addictive. >> low tech entertainment barreling its way deeper into a high tech world. >> every kid has an ipod i-phone or gaming system at home. >> even the prizes high tech as family scramble 0cash if years worth of ticket. >> how long you been coming here. >> all my life. talking about birthday party we went to as kids seven or eight. 30 years ago. >> mean one less they think for peninsula teens to look forward to the. >> they couldn't wait to get the drivers license this was first place they wanted to colonel after they got the driver's license because that enabled them to drive the grand prix card.
9:28 pm
>> less place for chernoff all ages to put the pedal to the metal. this is 7 news. >> such a shame to see it go. coming. is should go art new salt. so-called safe levels may still be unhealthy. that story next. >> rae marketable project really to preserve local historic landmark to make sure it suradvece in perfect pe few ty and 3d. that story. >> bay area woman i-phone stolen and blames apple for not getting it back. 7 on your side michael finy reports on that. >> major strike by american drone. government is chalk up a win in the war on terror tonight. stay with us. half hour
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as you. >> and good evening once again. start this half hour over sea seas. drone strike in yemen targeting suspected terrorists behind the plot that forced 19 american embassy to close recently. brian ross has the latest on the story. >> of terrorism officials today say this. with senior u.s. official telling abc news that 4 al qaeda terrorists connected to the had been killed in a drone strike over the weekend. yemen has become the center of latest al qaeda plot again the u.s. according to other u.s. officials about 3 dozen al qaeda operatives have been killed in dren strike in yemen over the last few week. but not among those killed according to u.s. officials is the mastermind bomb maker her. he created the underwear bomb meant to bring did you know a u.s. airliner. and then last year device add bomb within greed gentleman that u.s.
9:33 pm
officials admit would have gone through screening machines undetected. bomb was discovered by undercover agent and turned over to the cia. >> all of our equipment that screens over 1 million check bag every day just in the u.s. wasn't calibrateed to detect that. >> officials consider the drone killings a victory and u.s. embassy in yemen remains closed except for emergency business threat from al qaeda remains very real and serious. brian ross abc news new york. >> navy submarine cut fair and sunk. sailors if you jump to safety but 18 are are missing and feared dead. explosive material may have caught fire and something like that may have happened. rescue operation under way right now. >> 9 people in 5 states including california charged in one of the largest penny stock fraud in history. federal attorneys say the defendants stole 141 million dollars by
9:34 pm
artificially inflating the value of worthless stock and selling them to investors around the world. 7 of those charged have been arrested. 2 are still on the run tonight. >> consumer news. consumer report says estimated 1.6 million smart phones are stolen in this countryless year. tonight 1 from us stated i-phone owner says apple is part of the problem here. michael has that story. >> did he that's of union city remembers what fondness or years of bishop hay school in oakland. her friends all got together reese thanly in port listened for the wedding of one of the best friends from high school. unfortunately the trip took a sour turn. >> while we were out i got pick pocketed. somebody took my i-phone out of my pocket. >>reporter: did he naets medley activated her find my i-phone alertd. posted a message on her phone asking anyone who found it to call he
9:35 pm
her. she never received a call like that but she did hear from apple. getting this confirmation that phone had been repaired at apple store the day after it was stolen. she suspects the thief manageed to disabled the find my i-phone feature by taking it to an apple store and having the technician there wiping the phone clean including the find my i-phone feature. >> that's miserable failure on the company part. company of course knows how to do this a lot better. >> that's joe from consumer action. he says all smart phone manufacturers should do more to stop the use of stolen phones. he's not alone exploratorium district attorney has been pressuring apple and samsung and other manufacturers to make a stolen phone impossible to use. now apple and samsung have come up with a kill switch that would deactivate the phone in lost or stolen. hopefully the system will prove effective. it will
9:36 pm
be too late for denise. >> we believe a solution is the best answer to this problem. we want to remove the market value of the item as stolen item. >> good reason for that. da says half of the robbery in san francisco involves smart phone phones. thieves are snatching them on streets. aboard muni buses. if you are holding a smart phone you are vulnerable. denice can't say for certain apple tech wiped the phone clean. thieves could have done it themselves but knows apple worked on her phone after it was stolen. >> didn't even vir if i my identity or the person who brought it in. >> apple did he clean the opportunity for an on camera interview or to issue a statement. this is 7 on your side. >> look at this face. may not look like it now but earlier today this puppy fight to go stay alive in the middle of san francisco bay. wind surfer spotted the poor lost dog over
9:37 pm
quarter mile off the berkeley peer. man heading home from work on inflatable boat hauled the dog in took it home. puppy shaking and suffering from mild hypothermia. the dog is doing just faint now. still mystery how it got in the cold water and who the owner is. dog doesn't have an i.d. tag or micro chip but at least it's okay. >> soon have to show your i.d. at drug stores when buying nail polish remover. acetone in many removers can be used to make meth. cbs wants to stan the i.d. as tracking purchase and limiting the number of bolts to 2. just lake restriction already in place on some cold medicine. >> new study she is sugar may harmful in smaller amount. researchers fed mice daily diet of 25 percent added sugar. same as 3 cans of soda for people. female mice died twice as often and male less likely
9:38 pm
to reproduce. it is not clear why the mice are affected. this is the first study to look at what happens when animal are exposed to sugar in levels that are considered safe. >> just ahead here. bay area company that could hold the key to predicting the election winners. only on z.high tech effort to preserve the east bay home of famed respected home of famed respected conservationist john muir.
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>> booker moved a step closer to becoming new jersey first african american senator today. newark mayor won the democratic primary to replace senator frank who died in june at the aim of 89. booker will face republican steve lon began former mayor in special
9:42 pm
election october 16. >> if you want to win in politics get a twitter account. that seems to be the bottom line in a new study by researchers at indiana a university. they found that candidate was more likely to win if he or she was mentioned more often on twitter than his or her opponent. content and volume are unimportant. doesn't matter whether tweet are negative or positive. whether there are thousands or js jaws few tweet. researchers say the attention signal candidate is on the verge of victory. not convinced? consider this. researchers say twitter data correctly predicted 404 out of 4 06 house races. in the last election. >> john muir is one of the country best known and respected conservationist. but what you may not realize is that he launched his preservation campaign from here in the bay area. now local company is preserving his home for future generation and they are using hay tech method to do
9:43 pm
it. it's a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> it was from this house martinez that john muir wrote about the natural beauty of the west. writings ultimately inspire the creation of the national park system. >> wasn't just the person that was walking in the wilderness with the tea and little piece office bread that he actually led a rich life and rich family life and this is where it was all done. >> muir house built in 1883 and now national historic site open to the public. it's colorful rooms paint a picture of a privileged life. >> doesn't speak to john muir when you walk in here. that this is not what people imagin imagine. >> if earthquake or fire were to take the house down that perspective would be lost forever. >> always a risk of something things having something happen. >> national park service is teamed up with oakland base non-profit to make a 3d model of the muir house. they will
9:44 pm
use this laser scanner developed for oil and gas exploration. >> laser scanner shoots a pulse of light at the structure behind us and it will bounce back and record a point in space. >> millions pulse office light record the depth and clear of every room in the muir house recording every nook and crann cranny. these buildings we have point every 3 to 5 mm. so when you look at that, that's about that much safer between the point. >> they mesh photo taken with a still camera. results are 3 dimensional images of muir house. these are just preliminary renderings but they give you an idea of whether the final model will lack like. take week to fill in all the blank. muir house project part of the mission to document 500 cull tawrl heritage site in 5 years. already completed more than 100 around the world. this is just the first part of the muir project. >> muir is much better known in america particularly california
9:45 pm
less well known in the land of his birth in scotland this was muir home in scott land. he moved with his family to the u.s. when he was just 11 years old. scottish equivalent of our national park service has preserved his child hood home and also working with the company to make a 3d rendering of it and surrounding neighborhood. >> so by fix year when this project finished people visiting the house here will be able to find out more about where he grew up in dunbar in scotland. >> park officials in scotland are hoping the 3d model will also boost tourism by encouraging people to visit muir birth place. it will be on display at the martinez house. >> as we continue here direct hit. lightening hit a train. what happened after this scary and
9:46 pm
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>> amazing moment cut on camer camera. train in tokyo it was running on the track during a storm when bolt of lightning hit it head on. we show it to you again. train rolled to a complete stop. wow! isn't that incredible? minutes after the train was struck lake this passengers tweeted images of inside the carriage there you go. no one was hurt though it did lead to some delays. that had to be freight engine on board that train. >> one last check of the weather we good. spencer is back with that. >> no lightning but hoping for thunderer applause after the forecast. live doppler 7 hd. mostly clear sky right now from coast to inland. tomorrow state wide is very warm with few locations topping out at 100 grease or above. from east no one 02. palm springs 110.
9:50 pm
see mid 90's in many other locations in the interior parts of the state. here in the bay area tomorrow we have another warm day much like today with high in the mid to upper 60's on the coast. 70's to low 80's around the bay and low mid 90's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we'll start to cal down just slately and gradually over the neck couple days after tomorrow. by saturday inland high will be in the upper 80's but bounce back in the 90's. sunday monday tuesday so it is nice warm span without any significant changes for awhile. >> excellent. >> can you hear that. thunder applause. >> thank you very much. >> no encore performance. >> larry version of thunder applause. >> enthusiasim is overwhelming. >> i gave what i thought it was worth. >> talk about the weather. >> ray. >> all right. baseball.
9:51 pm
>> a in the play off chase. facing the worst team in all of baseball. no way they can lose baseb[ male announcer ]can lose what is performance?
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the best or nothing. that is what drives us.
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coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. the escapey incident that happened inside a house. how someone was able to gain control of the camera on a baby monitor. how does that take place? and the teenager denied heart transplant. his parents claim it's because of his bad grades in school. but the hospital now saying about his condition. this is stories a lot more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. but larry here with the sports. a's in action her at home. they have a long home stand coming up. >> 9 games. this is big rate now because they are fighting with texas for first place. open up 9 game home stand against the astros. this is a closest thing to the automatic win and you find in baseball because the astros are terrible. except for tonight. on the mound trying to bounce back from last outing against
9:55 pm
the reds when he really struggled and same story in this game second inning. barns. double over the head of seventh smith. astros up 2 nothing in the third. former a chris carter in on the action. find the gap in left center. rbi double. astros go up 4 nothing. could loan hit the showers early about 5 runs in only 4 innings of work. check out the a's fan. make the snow cohen catch here. pretty pumped up. so was this. homer in the eighth to make this a 5-4 game. and i got it. down 5-4 now the rangers lost to even if the a's lose still only one game back in the al west. go kid. back in spring training. giants national figure battling for division title right now. they both figured wrong. neither team really in play off contention or even close. met tonight in the nation capitol and we love we love the president race. down william howard aft oh.
9:56 pm
and roosevelt. george washington that's how he became the father of our country. right there. that was it. >> fast on his feet. >> very quick. the scoring in the fourth. line one off the leg. out at first and the score. up 1 nothing. had an hour and 17 minute rain delay after which the joints break through. under the glove of desmond. tied at 1 but in the sixth here it comes and there it goes. adam launching a two run shot off of him as washington wins the fourth in a row. 4-2 the final ndc. to the nfl alex smith love to throw for 300 yards and 4 touch downs against his old team not going to happen. they host the 49ers on friday night for the chiefs. pre-season game so smith probably not going to play that much. did play one series in kansas city first pre-season game led the chiefs to touch down. the niners and chiefs will not meet in the
9:57 pm
regular season so unless they get together in the super bowl which is unlikely this will be it for the 2013 season. alex doesn't have any hard feelings about lasting the job last year to collin. right now all about getting the chiefs ready to win this year. >> play my old team and guys i played with for awhile l now but it's still this is just another step. hard on the crew especially last couple years. we disagreed what happened. last year but mav on from it. >> i know that he's going to do everything he can to be great. i know that about him because i was his roommate the last past 2 training camps. i wish him the best. >> raiders visit the saints on friday. people wondering about the raider quarterback situation. but as important to the silver and black really have any reliable receiver to throw to? last friday rookie butler had 2 catches for 70 yards. that was
9:58 pm
fantastic. in the raiders 1 19-17 win over the cow boys. butler seventh round draft pick and gotten the coach attention. >> challenge is put another game on top of that. so get another opportunity this week against the saints and see if he can stack one brick on top of another and continue to get better. >> i can take a lot of stuff i can work on. my first run in the league playing against moore in the league for awhile so getting the play and give him a couple. >> good news from cal today. safety sebastian released from the hospital this morning. sebastian was injured yesterday in collision during live scrimmage. motionless on the field for 15 minutes before the ambulance took him to the hospital. don't know at this point when he is able to return to practice. champion did you have interbusy man show casing the trophy in new york city first on the set of leif with
9:59 pm
kelly and michael and later top the balcony on empire state be. kind of a windy day up there for he. roof top hold a special place in his heart in manhattan. >> ready to propose. do something cool and fun and so we came up here and i actual will i proposed to her on one of the roof top here with fireworks on july 4th. so obviously new york is connected to us forever. >> cool. >> i didn't think it was possible for his hair to get messy after the wind on top the empire state be. it did. that's this edition of 7 news here at 9:00 o'clock on coffee tv 20 for larry spencer all of us. appreciate your time see us. appreciate your time see you at 11:00.
10:00 pm
frank ( laughing ): these things are hilarious. charlie: yeah, these are priceless. these are priceless. sweet dee: what are you guys looking at? garbage pail kids. hey, charlie, how about giving me a couple of these?
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